Mobile User Acquisition

We begin your user acquisition strategy from the onset of each project. We help you pinpoint your app targeting, optimize your ad spend and boost your ROI.


We don't treat user acquisition as an afterthought

So you have a market, user and business aligned mobile app. Now what’s your plan to acquire users?

Many mobile development companies will launch your app with a support agreement, a handshake and a “good luck”. We believe a great product without users is still a failure on our part. Our team of app marketing specialists get involved and start planning your user acquisition strategy from day one of Phase 0 of our human-centered process.

We work with you to define your ideal customer, your goals, your customer acquisition funnel, and your metrics early on. When we are closer to launch, we implement, measure and manage the plan for you or along with your marketing team.

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Mobile App Analytics

We make sure you're measuring what's important

Part of the reason we begin planning for customer acquisition prior to mobile development is because in order for marketing efforts to be successful later, we have to have our measurement strategies organized early. If you don’t start this early, you will pay for it later.

From launch we want to build a history of analytics and attribution metrics so you can make the right mobile marketing and version decisions. While it’s important we track most, we don’t want to track everything. We track what’s important to your goals and KPIs and what is priority to the business. Each product is assigned a user acquisition specialist and he/she will work with you to make sure you understand what the metrics are telling us.

We keep product development and user acquisition in sync

A major reason our mobile apps acquire, engage and retain customers is because our user acquisition team and development team remain in sync. Our process avoids the occurrence of your user acquisition plan being too far ahead or behind of product development. Teams that aren’t careful can easily stifle progress by working on one over the other — having customer feedback but no revenue to enhance the product or being so focused on the product there are no customers. Our process ensures we keep them moving in parallel to balance out both efforts which are critical to moving your business forward.

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