Product Strategy (Phase-0)

Our product strategy process, Phase 0, develops business perspective and knowledge that informs and provokes the design, development, evaluation and implementation of the software products we innovate


It is often said that a great product begins with a great idea. But how do you know if that idea is great? Before you know it’s great you have to validate your idea, understand the product-market fit, define how your product fits into your business objectives and goals, and then architect your product against all of this. Only then will your idea have the true potential to be great.

At Evus, we don’t believe in immediately diving into design and feature scope. Every project, whether startup, small business or enterprise, goes through a detailed product strategy phase called Phase 0 where we rigorously define business objectives and perform customer research to ensure product-market fit and business alignment. We then use this information to architect and design your product.

Mobile app strategy

Mobile app blueprint

What we do in Phase-0

  1. Business Modeling (startups)
  2. Monetization Modeling
  3. Assumption Gathering
  4. Customer Persona Definition
  5. Customer Research
  6. Market Analysis
  7. User Acquisition Strategy
  8. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  9. Product Architecture
  10. Product Cost Analysis

Why do I need Phase 0?

The harsh reality is no matter how much you think you know and understand about your app there’s no way you can know everything. Over 50% of mobile apps are downloaded, opened once, then never opened again. Why? Because they are created on assumptions and never validated with a solid product strategy. Operating on assumptions is extremely risky in a world that is inherently risky enough.

With our Phase 0 process, we crush assumptions by first understanding what they are, and either proving or disproving them with real customer research, business and market analysis. This step alone will minimize your risk dramatically allowing you to make decisions that are grounded in business viability and market desirability.

Avoid risk with Evus

Our user research process


Identify problem, research goals, objectives, questions and hypotheses.


Define activities to use to help to (dis)prove our hypotheses.


Best practices for moderation research sessions with users.


Make sense of our research results, which helps jumpstart our design iteration (Phase 1).