Mobile App Developers

Need a custom native iPhone or Android app? This is what we do. We create mobile apps that delight users by delivering engaging experiences through gorgeous interfaces and seamless interactions


iPhone App Developers

iPhone App Development

We’ve been developing native iPhone apps since the iPhone came out in 2007. Whether it’s iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch – we’ve got you covered. After developing literally hundreds of apps, you could say we’re in expert status. Today, we are recognized as one of the world’s premiere app development companies.

While our iPhone apps are gorgeous, our end goal isn’t simply a sexy interface. We build iPhone apps that are engaging (3X more engaging than average), retain an audience and at the end of the day… make money.

Android App Development

Yes, we develop Android apps as well. We develop for Android phones, tablets, wearables, and even for appliances, automotive and medical devices that run on the Android OS. We’ve developed hundreds of Android apps over the years and continue to push the limit of the Android technology.

With our human-centered development process the Evus team is able to consistently deliver engaging, highly-polished and revenue generating Android apps. Apps that are remembered and talked about.

Android App Developers

Mobile Game Developers

Mobile Game Development

We develop cross-platform (iPhone, Android, Web, Windows, Blackberry), polished, fun, connected games. From conceptualization, to business and brand alignment, to monetization modeling, to level and character design, to development. We do it all.

The games we make are the ones that hover in the back of user’s minds, that they’re itching to play all day long. We follow a thorough design process to make sure games we create will keep your user’s eyes and fingertips glued to the tiny square of light illuminating their eager expression as they play hour after hour. It is this type of engagement that drives micro-purchases and brand affinity.

IoT, Wearables & Smart-Tech Development

Evus’ IoT lab focuses on software development for connected technologies that sense their environment, communicate wirelessly, and react instantly and intelligently. We design and develop software for wearables, auto, med-tech, smart-home and many other connected and sensored devices. Great connected products are those that push the human experience forward while moving the technology into the background. Evus is at the forefront of developing software that learns us rather than us learning it.

IoT Development

IoT Apps

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