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A stunning and polished user interface (UI) is at the heart of a great user experience (UX). Our design team at Evus is highly trained in traditional and interactive design principles. Our creative work is some of the best around.


Our software is beautiful

Regardless of technology, platform, sector, context, hardware or software, one thing remains consistent in all great products – damn great design.

Let’s face it—everyone thinks they’re good at design or at least thinks they know what good design is. Well… they are usually wrong.

We, at Evus are trained and educated experts and leaders in interactive and mobile app design. Our designs are celebrated near and far. We focus on the most intricate interaction details. Design runs in our blood giving us heightened creative senses. It’s as if we’ve been bitten by a radioactive design spider (despider?).

We challenge our design teams to flex their creativity to solve the complex design challenges that mobile, wearables and smart-technology (IoT) products create. Our designs run deep in the understanding of psychology, human behavior and user thought patterns.

Mobile app designers

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Watch our reel for a glimpse into some of our best moments…

We design apple watch apps

We design for engagement and retention – not mechanics and features

Where most mobile development companies design mobile apps from the perspective of features and functionality, we at Evus, design from the perspective of engagement and retention. Architecting the features and designing the interfaces to what will engage users and keep them coming back. Any designer can design an app for features, but the great apps are designed from a deep understanding of user experience and psychology. We have a deep-rooted design process that always begin at these depths.

3 Things Make Our Designs Better than Most

What makes our app designs so successful? Three things: our amazingly creative team, our experience solving design problems across industries, and our human-centered design process.

You see, design is not about simply making things “pretty”. It’s not about designing the cereal box. It’s about delivering products that resonate more deeply with users – driving engagement and retention. This is our sweet spot.

At Evus, we use a repeatable, human-centered method of creative problem solving and innovation employed in all technology we design. It is through this process that we develop a deep understanding of the users, their problems and how to solve them.

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We design ipad apps