IoT Developers

Smart technology, the Internet of Things, wearables and embedded devices are connecting people in new ways. Our team of engineers provide deep expertise with the newest wireless and sensor technologies

We develop smart, connected products

Evus’ IoT lab focuses on software development for connected technologies that sense their environment, communicate wirelessly, and react instantly and intelligently. We have strong relationships with IoT chip manufacturers, hardware manufacturers and product designers to bring a holistic approach to your connected product.

IoT App Developers

IoT Designers

We help you innovate and compete

Customer’s today expect ongoing value and unique experiences from the brands and products they buy from. Enterprises today have to compete with unprecedented velocity and agility. You have to adapt to the changing landscape of your industry. There are companies today, like Google with their driverless car, that had no business being in the automotive industry, and are now reinventing them.

At Evus, we pride ourselves on not only staying on the cutting edge of technology but understanding how emerging technologies effect the human experience and align with business, brand, and marketing objectives to create real value. From automobiles to homes to wearables. Our team is well-versed in the connected ecosystem making sure you remain competitive in the changing connected landscape.

Humanity is at the heart of our IoT process

While IoT may seem technology driven, our approach is to keep humanity as the driver of the IoT technology we develop. Our process is intently focused on the human experience and making IoT technology easy to use, accessible, authentic and, well… human. Our methods of user research, experience mapping and rapid design iterations are tailor made for the IoT space. It allow us to consistently produce IoT software that is valuable and engaging to the target customer while ensuring viability in the market and alignment for the business. We believe IoT technology should actively look at culture and use humanity’s guiding principals as a foundation to create unique, rich IoT products and services.

Humanity in IoT

What we're doing in IoT


Medtech developers

Cleveland Clinic
Evus is working with Cleveland Clinic as their technology and innovation partner for brain health initiatives


Automotive tech developers

Evus is working with Vinli as an application and integration partner building atop the Vinli OBD-II smart sensor.


IoT Fitness developers

Evus is working with BOXX as the technology partner delivering a new interactive experience to cardio boxing workouts.


We develop wearables

Evus brought a more efficient and informative way for real estate agents to manage and track their leads with SalesFit.