User Experience Mapping

We use a human centered process that includes a strategic method of capturing and communicating complex customer interactions to build seamless customer experiences within the digital products we create


Mobile UX

It’s no secret that customers engage with mobile apps and smart-tech products based on the quality of the experiences they have with them. At Evus, we take user experience very seriously. Where most firms claim to focus on user experience (UX), we visualize, map and measure the experiences within the apps and products we create. This ensures we are delivering a quality experience and know quickly when that experience is less than ideal.

Throughout the design and development process our experience mapping uncovers the highs and lows people feel when using the products we create. Uncovering key customer moments that need improvement. This helps us unlock more engaging and valuable experiences, making adjustments and fine-tuning our apps along the way.


Visualizing the customer experience

Most of us are visual people and our experience map, at it’s core, is a visual narrative that brings the experience data to life in a way that is easy to understand. This allows us to see where the friction points and let-downs occur so they can be fixed. Our model is focused on three key areas of the user’s experience — doing, thinking and feeling.

Once we visually map the experience of a group of users, we overlay those results to expose patterns and consistencies between experiences. These are the prioritized areas we focus on improving. We then set out to understand the causes so we can optimize the experience to ensure an aligned product.

Happy mobile users