Cloud & API Development

Great apps depend highly on great back-ends and middlewear. Databases, APIs and server-side logic act as the brain to a mobile app. We develop super amazing brains from scratch.

At Evus, we create highly optimized back-end cloud and API solutions with compelling user experiences that connect your web and mobile systems, leveraging years of expertise in mobile and web spaces.

We can leverage the Web you have to get the mobile experience you want by connecting your Web and mobile initiatives though the cloud to create a quality and consistent user experience. We are expert cloud developers creating custom API’s and software integrations for your apps.

Whether you have an existing API or need one developed, our kick-ass cloud developers can build your API or consult with your team and direct the development.

Cloud Developers

Our backend team has your back!

Let’s be honest… in-house teams are often overwhelmed with projects and rarely have much experience building infrastructure for mobile or wearables or that new connected coffee maker. Nor do you really want to wait 4 months for the IT department to finally get it on the schedule and risk losing momentum.

This is where we step in. We hit the ground running consulting, strategizing, designing and building to get the right product to market in a timely manner. We already have the expertise and experience. We already have the ideal process to spit-out a successful app infrastructure at the other end. Want us to work with your internal team? No worries. We play nicely with others. Thanks mom.

Backend and IoT Developers

How do we stack up?

When it comes to the development of any software system, the tech-stack used is extremely important to the capabilities, portability and scalability of the system. When you are looking for a development partner you will often find PHP shops, .NET shops or Java shops where the team focuses all of their development in one or two technologies no matter the scope of the project. This can often lead to square peg in a round hole scenario.

We believe the correct tech-stack is dictated by the product and its goals – both short-term and long. Our multi-disciplinary team of senior engineers is well versed in a variety of technologies always on top of what’s current and stable. We painstakingly architect your tech-stack treating it with as much care and strategy as your business model and user experience.