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We have been developing Android apps since the first Android phone, the T-Mobile G1, was released. But not just any apps. Android apps that are highly-polished, highly engaging, create impact on the human experience, and actually make money. Because of our laser focus on strategically building apps from a place of engagement and retention rather than mechanics and features, along with our human-centered process, we have quickly become one of the world’s premiere Android app development companies, creating some of the best Android apps on the market.

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Who is Evus?

Evus is an Android app development company creating forward-thinking apps and smart-tech products (think wearables and smart-homes). But not just any apps. Highly engaging apps that advance the human experience while driving revenue. With offices in Las Vegas, Chicago and Washington D.C., we are always on-top of current trends and always anticipating what’s next. We pride ourselves on being one of the only Android app development companies that uses a human-centered process to ensure product-market fit and business alignment to produce some of the best Android apps in the world.

At Evus, we work with innovative startups, growing small businesses and marquee enterprises, servicing and building technology to the unique needs of each. For startups, we operate like a partner-without-paper, a technical co-founder without equity. Helping turn early-stage ideas into great and disruptive products. For small businesses, we work with you and your customers to understand the challenges of your business so that we can figure out how to solve them through technology. For enterprises, we work with your marketing and IT teams to create truly engaging Android apps that create brand affinity and customer loyalty.

We’re in the business of helping our clients solve their business and marketing challenges through the use of mobile apps and smart-tech products… and we’re quite good at it.

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Why Should I Use Evus?

What a silly question! Because we’re amazing, proven, awarded, super fun to work with and are at the top of our technical game. But seriously, here are the real reasons you should work with us…

We get it, hiring an Android app developer is tough. There are thousands of them around the world. But understand, 50% of the millions of apps out there are only opened once, then deleted. So most of those other iPhone developers are failing to create engaging, money-making Android apps. This is where Evus is different. We take a different approach than others to building apps… and our approach is proven.

We are able to achieve repeatable success with the Android apps that we create because our unique process focuses on the users, the market, and the business before ever focusing on the mechanics, features and visual design. This ensures that before a single line of code is written or a single pixel is placed, we fully understand the problems we are solving and work from facts, not assumptions.

Because we prove or disprove our and your assumptions before creating your iPhone app, we become deeply rooted in your business. This allows us to operate alongside of you as a partner not simply an Android app developer. We are far more than that. We are business consultants, researchers, technologists, architects, designers, engineers and analysts. Because that is what it takes to make truly innovative, successful Android apps.

For us, the success of your business is everything. If the Android app we create does not have a positive impact on your business, we’ve failed. Fortunately, over the last 12 years we have developed the experience and processes that nearly eliminates that possibility.