Human-Centered, Business-Focused

At the heart of process are three main drivers — the human, the business and the market. A process that starts with people and merges with business objectives to create innovative solutions that are tailored to the needs of both. Creating products that align with human needs along with business needs is not just where true innovation is born, but where true revenue generating innovation emerges.

Avoid risk with Evus

Our process reduces your risk

Through our human-centered, business-focused process, originally developed by global design innovation firm IDEO, and optimized for software over 12 years, we have been able to create consistent success in the mobile apps and IoT software we create. Where the industry average failure rate for startups is 90%, the startups we work with from an early stage idea are 60% less likely to fail.

Because our process forces the open discussion with actual people, we are able to create software that your users will embrace. We stay open to creative ideas trusting that as long as we stay grounded in the people’s desires and businesses goals that we will arrive at the most effective solution.

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It all starts at Phase 0

The first stage in our human-centered, business-focused process starts at the ground floor — we call this Phase 0. Where many mobile app development companies will do loose business modeling and requirements gathering then jump immediately into wireframing and visual design, we take a more strategic approach.

Our Phase 0 is centered around 3 elements.

  • Desirability (user needs)
  • Feasibility (market opportunities)
  • Viability (business needs)

We begin by examining the needs, desires and behaviors of the people you want to affect. We seek an understanding of what they want and how they would use your product. To uncover insights and themes through audience interviews and field research.

In the next step we set out to understand the market opportunities. Analyzing competition and existing solutions — their strengths and weaknesses. Our goal is to identify wholes in the market to find the right product-market fit.

We then turn our focus to understanding the business needs to maximize the intersection of desirability and viability. Here we deep dive into the business with business and financial modeling. Aligning the business objectives to the product and customer needs.

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