Culture at Evus

Yes, we are t-shirt wearing, sci-fi loving, latest-gadget having, video game playing, Game of Thrones watching nerds. But our culture is so much more than that.

Established company, startup feel

Company culture is deeply important to us for it is the people that make Evus the company it is. Our culture is centered around transparency and openness where everyone is a hands-on contributor and everyone can effect change. We strive to create an environment our team can thrive in. One where each is seen, heard and valued.

We also like to have fun! No one can maintain high levels of creativity chained to their desk. We often have company wide excursions where we step away from the office and recharge. And trust us… there’s plenty of fun to have in Las Vegas!

Evus - company culture wheel

Thought leaders in the community

At Evus, we believe in spreading our knowledge and experiences to the startup, business and tech communities. What good is all this training and expertise if we can’t share it. Here’s what we’ve been involved with lately:

The Mill
We provide mentorship to the startups of this accelerator

Phoenix Mobile Festival
Michael J Smith: Speaker – The Dawn of the Experience Era

Global Gaming Expo (G2E)
Michael J Smith: Speaker – Cross Channel, Behavior-Driven Relationship Interactions

IoT Evolution Conference
Michael J Smith: Speaker – Human Experience in the Smart Home

Dawn of the Experience Era
Michael J Smith, Tech Cocktail

Progressing IoT from Neat to Necessary
Janelle McCarthy, Mobile Marketing Watch

Evus has been voted a Best Places to Work 5 years running! You should check out our open positions.

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