Revenue generated for our clients is about to hit $1 Billion

$1 Billion
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Reliable experience

Evus has helped over 250 companies create more than 400 applications over 12 years. Not just any ol’ applications. Real software products that dazzle users and pad the bottom line. We have a process that allows us to produce consistent success and over the years Evus has delivered — consistently.

Evus Project Team

Smart, cross-trained and co-located

A lot of what sets Evus apart is our people. We hire very smart, passionate, curious, leaders and give them an environment where they can thrive. While the trend toward remote teams is popular, we believe the best software is developed when teams work side-by-side, basking in the same excited and sometimes frantic energy.

We also believe that UX is not a role or a designers responsibility. Our team is cross-trained in the concepts and methods of quality user experience so UX becomes the responsibility of the whole team. This has allowed us to deliver stronger experiences with greater desirability in the custom software products we create.

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Deep business savvy

You simply don’t have the success we’ve had with the apps and software we’ve built over the years without being strongly rooted in business. We help our clients architect the business of their apps and IoT embedded devices as much as we design the apps themselves.

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We care about human impact

Part of our mission at Evus is to advance the human experience through the technology we design and build. We have a passion for delivering innovation that changes industries and pushes the human experience forward. Every project we touch starts with uncovering the desires, needs and behaviors of the users.

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A holistic approach

It takes more than a pretty user interface and good programming to make an app successful. It takes the right product-market fit, the right message, the right user-acquisition strategy, the right marketing and good timing. We take a 360 approach from day one to dramatically increase your product’s chance of success.

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